Double Honor! The 2022 Future Medical Top 100 List was Released, and SVision was Selected!

Recently, the 6th Future Medical Top 100 Conference hosted by VBDATA.CN and Eggshell Research Institute was held on line. At this highly credible and influential industry conference in the medical industry, as the leader of domestic high-end ophthalmic medical equipment, and relying on the world-leading advantages of surpassing imported similar products in many aspects, SVision Imaging has been honored on the list of “Top 100 Future Medical Device Companies and Top 100 Innovative Medical Devices List in China”. Moreover, Dr. Li Bing, co-founder and CEO of SVision Imaging, was selected for the “2022 Future Healthcare VB100 Wei Lan Award for Entrepreneurs” and was listed as one of the top ten “ Most Innovative Entrepreneurs” of the year.

The Future Medical 100 list was established in 2015, which is the first innovative medical and health list for unlisted enterprises in China. It is the annual selection of the life and health sector that attracts the most attention from industry and capital circles, known as the “industry wind vane”. After several rounds of review and selection, SVision Imaging stood out from thousands of participating companies and won the double list, which represents the industry’s high recognition of SVision Imaging and demonstrates its professional strength and industry influence.

“2022 Ophthalmology Industry Research Report” refers to the SVision

At the “2022 Ophthalmology Industry Innovation Forum” in the sub-venue of the conference, the “2022 Ophthalmology Industry Research Report” was released. Through in-depth research on a number of ophthalmology companies, the report comprehensively analyzes the ophthalmology industry from the dimensions of industry overview, sub-field scanning, development opportunities and challenges, typical corporate innovation cases, and future trend judgments.

Eggshell Research Institute senior researchers fully affirmed the leading position of SVision in the domestic high-end ophthalmic equipment field when interpreting the report in the forum. She pointed out that OCT equipment has undergone the transition from time domain to frequency domain to swept source. Since 2018, a number of domestic enterprises have entered the OCT market, breaking the pattern of import monopoly. Although most domestic enterprises are still concentrated in the middle and low-end market, it is very pleased to see that domestic enterprises represented by SVision have begun to make a major breakthrough in the high-end market.

According to the report’s research and statistics, in 2021, the domestic ultra-high-end OCT market with more than 2 million have a market share of 42%, surpassing imported brands to rank first, and achieving a major breakthrough in domestic high-end OCT; In the high-end OCT market with a value of more than 1.5 million, the market share of SVision is 20%, second only to Zeiss.

In addition, the chapter “Research and Judgment of the Future Trend of the Ophthalmic Industry” of the report pointed out that in recent years, domestic high-end ophthalmic equipment has ushered in a new round of technological innovation. In the field of OCT, as a major expansion of OCT functional imaging, OCTA is gradually becoming a major development trend. In the future, in addition to the further improvement of technical parameters, the new generation of OCT products represented by the newly released “Ruyi Whole Eye OCT” can organically integrate the anterior and posterior segment OCT, anterior and posterior segment OCTA and other modules to achieve “one machine for multiple purposes”. And it will become a major trend in the OCTA industry.

At present, within three years of the launch of the self-developed OCT product of SVision, it has been installed in more than 60 ophthalmic hospitals across the country (including more than 20 national and regional leading ophthalmic centers), and it has become the main machine for more than 80% of the TOP30 clinical research and nearly 400 ophthalmology departments. The hospital is trying out the equipment, and currently cooperates with authoritative experts from many leading hospitals in China to produce 46 SCI international journal documents. SVision imaging is at the forefront of OCT technology with epoch-making technological innovation, leading the future development trend of OCTA, and at the same time achieving an ultra-high application rate in domestic hospitals and achieving wide recognition by domestic head experts. It has successfully subverted the domestic high-end ophthalmic medical equipment market, leading the rapid development of the high-end ophthalmic equipment track.

Innovation leads development, SVision Imaging has won numerous awards

In addition to being on the list of the 2022 Future Healthcare VB100, SVison OCT products have recently topped the “Top Ten Advances in China’s Ophthalmology” in 2021, and were selected into the 2022 8th Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment List. With the world’s advanced AI algorithm, by the end of 2021 Won the third and tenth best results in the Asia-Pacific ophthalmology big data competition… The SVision Imaging freezes various “highlight moments”, and the reason why it has won various national and even world-class awards is due to its continuous innovation and development.

SVision Imaging was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 2014. In 2015, with the support of the national industrial policy, the company’s headquarters was moved to China, and three R&D centers were established in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Luoyang respectively. As a national high-tech enterprise, SVision also has the world’s top optical design and software algorithm research and development teams. It quickly became the global leader in OCT technology.

In 2019, the first domestic swept source OCT developed by SVision was successfully registered and listed in China. In 2021, SVision OCT won the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements by the Ministry of Science and Technology: it has fully reached the international advanced level. Its imaging quality, range, depth, speed, and Angiography algorithm all surpass imported high-end products. Truly becoming a “Chinese original” and reaching the world’s leading OCT product, which not only fills the gap in the field of high-end ophthalmic equipment in China, but also can be called a major innovation in the field of high-end ophthalmic medical equipment in the world.

In 2022, the world’s first Ruyi whole-eye OCT technology platform, equipped with the world’s leading Ruyi swept source engine, integrates a large number of advanced AI algorithms based on deep learning, and integrates the anterior and posterior segment structure OCT, and anterior and posterior segment Angiography OCTA for the first time in the world. In one device, the problems of OCT imaging inflection, inability to quantitatively analyze choroidal structure and Angiography, and automatic segmentation of OCTA in patients with high myopia in the past have been solved, and super-depth imaging, ultra-widefield Angiography imaging, choroidal vascular quantification, AI precision layering and other functions, and each function has reached the world’s leading level, thus opening a new era of whole-eye OCT.

A world-class R&D team led by founders from Silicon Valley

Why can SVision Imaging create a world-class product that surpasses imports, and achieves wide domestic application and word-of-mouth in a short period of time? This depends on a world-class R&D team with more than 10 years of Silicon Valley engineering experience.

Xianzhao Peng, founder and chairman of SVision Imaging, was recommended to enter the Department of Physics of Peking University as the champion of Henan Province in the National Physics Olympiad in his early years. He obtained a master’s degree in optoelectronics from the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997, and went to the United States for further studies in the same year. In 2001, he obtained a PhD in laser spectroscopy from Oregon State University. He has been engaged in the R&D and design of the third-generation OCT core technology tunable laser in New Focus, an optical company in Silicon Valley. He has 21 years of experience in Silicon Valley laser and precision optics R&D and more than 20 domestic and foreign patents.

Li Bing, co-founder and CEO of SVision Imaging, was amazingly listed in the “Weilan Award – Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year” of the “2022 Future Healthcare VB100”. In 1999, he was admitted to the Department of Electronics of Peking University as the top scorer of the college entrance examination in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. After graduating in 2003, he received a full scholarship to study at the University of Virginia in the United States. He used to be the head of the Chinese algorithm team of a former Silicon Valley multinational company. He has published 23 papers on image processing algorithms, which have been cited more than a thousand times. He has three US patents and published three sets of medical atlas and supporting software.

Since the establishment of SVision Imaging,the two founders have been committed to creating world-class software and hardware technology and AI-driven ophthalmic medical equipment. With the advantage of Silicon Valley, SVision has attracted several world-class software and hardware R&D experts and a large number of domestic top R&D talents to join in. The dual-engine drive of hardware and algorithm makes the products of SVision truly reach the world’s leading edge in terms of technical parameters, user experience and clinical effects. SVision has become the Chinese representative in the field of high-end ophthalmic devices in the world.

Future: Continue to expand product lines and go global

Based on the current performance of all aspects beyond imported OCT products. SVision will also create AI-assisted diagnosis products with real clinical value based on the multimodal images obtained by OCT equipment, and the massive data with domestic partners. At the same time, SVision continues to rely on its strong system, optics and algorithm research and development capabilities to incubate more high-end ophthalmic equipment with high added value and high technical barriers, such as optical biometers, ultra-widefield fundus cameras, microscope OCT, femtosecond etc., a full line of ophthalmic products. SVision is gradually developing into a comprehensive high-end ophthalmology platform enterprise.

At present, SVision OCT products have completed FDA and CE type inspections, and will soon be listed in the core markets of Europe and the United States, taking a key step in realizing globalization. The company will also expand its overseas talent team this year, and further upgrade the Silicon Valley R&D center to an American R&D operation center. SVision plans to set up a new European R&D operation center in Germany, striving to become a “global leader in high-end ophthalmic medical devices”.