Top of the List! SVision OCTA was Selected as One of the “Top Ten Advances in Chinese Ophthalmology” in 2021!

Recently, at the 7th Annual Meeting of Medical Scientists (2022) and the 2nd Physician Career Development Forum, Professor Ningli Wang, President of the Ophthalmologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Director of the Eye Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital, and President of the Academy of Ophthalmology of Capital Medical University, released the 2021 “Top Ten Advances in Chinese Ophthalmology”. The first domestically produced true Angiography OCTA independently developed by SVision was selected as one of the “Top Ten New Diagnosis and Treatment Equipment and Popular Science Works” and topped the list. The core patent achievements of SVision have once again won the honor of national Ophthalmology circle and even doctors circle, fully reflecting the leading position of SVision in the field of OCT.

SVision True Angiography OCTA was selected as one of the “Top Ten Advances in Chinese Ophthalmology”, MD WEEKLY special report

Professor Ningli Wang: Domestic OCT has overtaken

The release site of “Ten Progresses in Chinese Ophthalmology”

OCT(Optical Coherence Tomography)has always been the most advanced, complex and clinically valuable diagnostic tool in ophthalmology. While SVision’s domestic self-developed “true Angiography” OCTA has broken through the current latest generation of swept source OCT technology, and surpassed imported brands in product performance. It brings excellent imaging technologies such as ultra-widefield Angiography and panoramic anterior segment to the clinic, and the new functions developed continuously provide strong support for ophthalmic research. As Professor Ningli Wang noted when announcing the shortlist — The most commonly used OCT technology in ophthalmology in our country has overtaken in the corners, and has surpassed the level of international equipment in many fields.

MD WEEKLY live broadcast of Professor Ningli Wang’s release of “Top Ten Progress”

Small eyes, big world. Since the 6th Annual Meeting of Medical Scientists in 2021, the “Release Ceremony of the Ten Major Advances in Chinese Ophthalmology” has become a regular program of the annual meeting. The main purpose of the selection is to promote the innovative development of ophthalmology in China, and to display and publicize major scientific research achievements in the field of ophthalmology. The current “Top 10 Advances in Ophthalmology in China” is divided into two categories. One is the top 10 new technologies oriented by medical technology, and the other is the top 10 new diagnosis and treatment devices oriented by medical devices, also includes great achievements in 5 years. As the leader of domestic high-end ophthalmology equipment, on the list which is a strong proof of the hard core technical strength of SVision.

Silicon Valley’s Top Team Achieves Major Technological Breakthrough

SVision has a world-class R&D team with more than 10 years of Silicon Valley engineering experience, semiconductor optics and high-end medical equipment development experience. This Silicon Valley top team returned to China to create a revolutionary new generation of OCT products — The device is equipped with artificial intelligence and incorporates a large number of advanced AI-based algorithms. The Full-layer SS-PAR algorithm and Deep Layer™ technology empowers True Angiography with extremely low False Positives and False Negatives. Based on deep learning, Deep Layer™ segmentation algorithm eliminates the limitation of traditional algorithms. It not only effectively improves the segmentation accuracy in complex lesions, but also intelligently identifies lesions and enables a variety of quantitative analysis tools for clinical and scientific research. With cSSO confocal fundus imaging, it has a superior signal-to-noise ratio and presents richer fundus details than traditional laser light sources. In addition, the device can provide clinicians with fully automatic choroid thickness and choroidal vascular quantification tools, which greatly improves the work efficiency of ophthalmologists, and solves the problem that the choroidal vascular could not be quantitatively measured in the past.

In 2019, SVision’s first swept source OCT product obtained the registration certificate, Compared with imported similar products, its core parameters are increased by 3-5 times, and the scanning speed, penetration, imaging depth, imaging range and Angiography algorithm are all surpassed. In 2021, the equipment was evaluated for scientific and technological achievements by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China: Comprehensively to the international advanced level.

36 scientific research achievements, certified by domestic head experts

Based on the performance of True Angiography OCTA beyond the imported products, coupled with the application of OCTA in many domestic third-class hospitals and leading eye centers, SVision device has become a useful helper for Chinese ophthalmologists in clinical diagnosis and scientific research. Recently, SVision with Beijing Tongren Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, EYE & ENT HOSPITAL OF FUDAN UNIVERSITY, Eye Hospital, WMU, Henan Provincial Institute of Ophthalmology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and the like have published 36 SCI papers, many of which are top journal papers with an impact factor of 5-11. As an academic weapon in ophthalmology, SVision OCT products provide high-quality images for various complex lesions that have never been seen by foreign review experts, which greatly promotes new progress in ophthalmology academic research.

Eye health is an important part of national health, involving people of all ages and the entire life cycle. SVision provides a accurate imaging basis for screening, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of ocular disease using more than imported, internationally advanced OCT techniques. With the empowerment of science and technology, SVision will help the country prevent and treat blindness and promote eye health work, and provide more ophthalmologists with powerful diagnosis and treatment tools. At present, SVision OCTA equipment has been settled in more than 50 national and regional leading ophthalmic centers, and has become the main clinical and scientific research machine in more than 80% of the Top 30 ophthalmic centers.

In recent years, OCT is becoming a force that cannot be ignored in the field of domestic high-end ophthalmic equipment. SVision leads the technological progress and rapid development of domestic equipment with a new generation of OCTA equipment that surpasses imports and has unique characteristics. In addition to insisting on updating and iterating in OCT technology, SVision also has a number of technologically advanced products under development, involving the field of ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment. The registration of products in the United States and Europe is also advancing simultaneously, and SVision strives to achieve full import substitution of domestic high-end ophthalmic examination equipment. China’s technology leadership in the world is coming into reality.