True Angiography

Ultra-Widefield SS-OCTA


Based on superior optical design, the VG series swept-source OCT achieves 16mm (56°) linescans and 15mmx12mm angiography imaging. A single high resolution scan is able to reveal more fundus details and improve the detection rate of peripheral lesions. In addition, with Flexible MontageTM technology, image stitching is not limited by a fixed number of captures and further expands the imaging range to 80 ° x 60 °.

True Angiography

SVision's proprietary OCT Angiography algorithm is optimized based on the specific characteristics of swept-source OCT. The improved sensitivity enables detection of weak angio flow signals of microlesions. The Full Layer SS-PAR™ algorithm and Deep Layer™ technology further empower True Angiography with extremely low False Positives and False Negatives.


CNV patient, outer retina

Swept Source

Using swept-source technology, we have achieved unprecedented scanning speed and imaging depth. The superior system design and software algorithms are combined to deliver the ultimate retina images with ultra-high resolution in ultra-widefield.

  • Scan speed increased to 200,000 A-scan/s, compared to 70,000 A-scan/s on SD-OCTs
  • Super Depth™ enhances the imaging depth to 6mm, compared to 2mm on SD-OCTs
VG200 200,000 A-Scans/s
VG100 100,000 A-Scans/s
High-end SD-OCT
Comparison of Scan Speed

Deep Layer™ AI Segmentation

Deep Layer™,  SVision's Proprietary AI Segmentation Algorithm based on Deep Learning, goes beyond the limitation of conventional algorithms. It not only effectively improves the segmentation accuracy in complex lesions, but also intelligently identifies lesions and enables a variety of quantitative analysis tools for clinical and scientific research.


Automatic Choroid Identification and Quantification

The superior penetrability of swept-source OCT enables complete imaging of choroidal layers. Fully automated choroidal thickness and vascular quantification tools greatly improve efficiency of clinical studies on choroidal layers.


cSSO Confocal Fundus Imaging

The integrated Confocal Scanning Superluminescent Ophthalmolscope  covers a widefield of 40°x 40° with state-of-the-art image quality.  A broad-spectrum SLD is used as the light source and results in a much better signal-to-noise ratio than conventional lasers. 12-bit digitization helps to uncover the finest retina details.



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SVision was founded by a team of US-educated PhDs and industrial veterans of Silicon Valley with a mission to develop the most advanced Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) for ophthalmologists. By integrating the cutting-edge technologies of optical design, advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, SVision has arisen as a new world-leader in SS-OCT and successfully launched the first product lines “VG 200/100”. Leading an edge over all competitions on market, VG Series are redefining the state-of-the-art OCT imaging.

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